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Air Con Purge and Re-Gas Service Offers

Air Con Purge and Re-Gas Service Offers

Autumn is here at last. But is your Air Conditioning ready to take on the heat and keep you cool? At Now we can service, repair, De-Bug and recharge the Air Conditioning system for your Vauxhall.

Air Conditioning Purge - The Benefits

Harmful bacteria can build up in the air conditioning system over time and this can lead to unpleasant odours, allergic reactions and irritations. It is highly recommended that the air-conditioning system in your vehicle has an Air Con Purge at every 12 months. Our trained technicians will carry out a treatment that will cleanse the air conditioning system improving the air quality, eliminating odours and providing a healthier environment in your vehicle.

The Benefits

• Removes unpleasant odours which build up over the months we don’t use our air con.
• Contains a powerful anti-microbial agent which stops the growth of mould, fungi and mildew
• Leaves a wonderful fresh fragrance in the vehicle
• Deodorises and prevents formation of unpleasant odours in the future

Right now you can get a thorough Air-Conditioning de-bug at Now for just £29.

Air Conditioning Re-Gas

Your Air Conditioning system is not just for keeping the air cool. It’s also used to dehumidify the hot air in winter, demisting the windows and keeping your windscreen clear. If the Air Conditioning system isn’t working properly moist air won’t be able to demist the windscreen, affecting visibility.

Around 10% to 20% of air-conditioning gas will be lost from the air-con system every year, depending on how often the system has been used over the long winter months. That's why Vauxhall recommend that the air-con system is recharged with new gas every 2 years. Our trained technicians will remove all the old refrigerant gas and oil and thoroughly clean the system before injecting new oil and refrigerant gas. We'll then take a temperature reading to ensure that the Re-Gas worked.

Right now you can get a thorough Air-Conditioning re-gas at Now for just £69

Some of the common warning signs that there might be a problem with your Air Conditioning system include:

Unusual smells come out of the air vents
The windows fog up when system is turned on
Air conditioning system doesn't cool the vehicle to the required temperature
The fan/blower doesn't  work
Failure of the dashboard controls
The air conditioning system or engine makes a loud noise when the system is turned on
The car stalls when air conditioning is switched on
There is water on the floor of the vehicle


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