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Now TV

Welcome to Now Vauxhall TV

Here at Now Vauxhall we understand the importance of you our customer, so we have put together a selection of videos to help you during your car buying journey as well as letting you know a little more about what we offer.

We want you to feel happy recommending your family and friends to us in order that we can grow our business. Therefore we also have our customer testimonial section where you can hear from customers who have bought cars from us.

Used Cars

Here at Now we stock between 250 and 300 of the very best of used cars. We can source stock directly from the manufacturer and major fleets giving us access to over 5000 used cars not currently advertised. If you don't see anything you like, make an enquiry and we can find the right car for you.

We Want Your Car

We buy and sell over 5000 vehicles a year so we're always looking for used car and van stock. We're confident that we will pay more for your vehicle and beat any other online buying website.

Reserve A Car

You can reserve any used vehicle online for only £100. This takes the car off the market for up to 3 days, and it's a great way to reserve a car you've seen online but can't get here to view it.


Seasonal Check

At Now Vauxhall our teams are dedicated to keeping your vehicle on the road and performing at its optimum level all year round. In support of this we offer seasonal checks with value added products according to the season.

Competitor Comparisons

When looking for servicing and repairs for your Vauxhall, we understand that our customers have options beyond the Vauxhall network. Drop into any Now Vauxhall site with a written competitor quotation, enjoy a coffee and learn just how much better we are.

What’s included in our service?

Retailers offer a complete service, carrying out all necessary checks, inside and out. Retailers will also keep you up-to-date with VX 360, our video check-up of your Vauxhall.

Profile of a Skilled Vauxhall Technician

Here at Now Vauxhall many of our technicians began their working life on the Vauxhall Apprentice scheme. This involves spending 1 week a month at the dedicated training centre in Luton, the home of Vauxhall. It takes 3 years to achieve fully skilled gold standard certification and it doesn’t end there.

Green Statement

At Now Vauxhall we take responsibility for our environment very seriously. All the products routinely replaced on your vehicles have to be disposed of in the correct way. "It Costs To Care" at Now Vauxhall and we believe it’s our duty to care.

Why bring your car to a Vauxhall Retailer?

Not sure what to expect at a Vauxhall Retailer? They not only offer a 25-point safety check when you visit, but also use a detailed and easy-to-follow feedback system to keep you up-to-date with the maintenance of your vehicle.

Keep your car in top shape with regular services and maintenance at you Vauxhall Retailer.

How To

How To Replace A Wheel

A handy guide put together by Now Vauxhall to help, should you ever need to replace your wheel.

How To Pair A Device