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Vauxhall Corsa VXR VS Supercar

In a dramatic showdown, England football players past and present, go head to head with a supercar and a Vauxhall Corsa VXR, testing which can manoeuvre first into a parking space. As Harry Kane provides the skill behind the 205hp Corsa VXR and John Barnes takes the wheel of the 700hp supercar, the #kamarachallenge has precision driving that makes even commentator Chris Kamara lose his nerve.

The two vehicles jostle for pole position with the supercar easily moving ahead on the straights.  But, even as the underdog, the new Corsa VXR makes short work of the speed bumps and displays  legendary precision and technique going into corners with confidence and flair.  It’s nippy, nimble skills leave the supercar waning as it is filmed chicaning through an empty underground car park.    

In the irrepressible style his fans have become acutely accustomed to, Chris Kamara stumbles through the commentary, missing crucial action and fluffing lines.  Using the half-time whistle to re-fuel with a pie, he resumes his journey as a passenger being turned upside-down in the new Corsa VXR.

Chris Kamara commented on the filming, “It could be a scene from any busy shopping centre car park on a Saturday morning near Sainsbury’s.  I’ve witnessed people who’d sell their own granny for a parking spot.  The smart money was always on Harry Kane, he’s leaner, meaner and probably greener in the new Corsa VXR compared to Barnsey who has quite clearly had his day.”

Football legend John Barnes retorted saying, “Harry Kane might have been nimble in the new Corsa VXR but on the pitch it would be a different story.  I’d be all over him.”

Harry Kane who appeared in the #kamarachallenge as part of an appearance supporting Vauxhall’s sponsorship of the Home Nations, said, “The #kamarachallenge was everything you’d expect it to be, fast, furious and fun.  Good to see some of the ‘England Legends’ getting some speed under their belts.”

The new Corsa VXR is Vauxhall’s hot-hatch and raises the bar for small, fast hatchbacks.  With fierce acceleration of 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 143mph, the Corsa VXR starts at £18,245 on-the-road.  Watch #kamarachallenge and see exclusive behind-the-scenes shots by visiting www.vauxhall.co.uk/kamarachallenge.  

* Experienced precision driver Paul Swift and his team provided all the driving, delivered under strict supervision and controlled conditions.