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Motorists are transporting up to 15 ‘tools for life’ in their car as they go about their daily school runs, commute to work or run essential life errands, according to a recent survey by Vauxhall and local retailer, Now Vauxhall, with sites across London and Wilthshire, which revealed that it’s not just the car itself that’s an essential tool for getting through life.

Drivers are always ready to face a change in the weather or a medical crisis, with sunglasses, de-icer, a first aid kit and a torch among the top ten things found in their car.

Whilst the top ten items found in a man’s car are made up of typical motoring essentials including a breakdown kit, women appear to carry extra necessities in their vehicle that are important for life’s “real” emergencies. Whether you need spare change for parking, a change of shoes, a gym kit or even a top up of nail varnish, you are far more likely to find it in the car of your female friends, according to the latest findings.

In addition, ladies are also more likely to keep snacks, deodorant and even secret shopping purchases that they haven’t yet confessed to their partner.

However, it seems that our ideas of life’s essentials change once we become a parent, with both male and female parents adding baby wipes and toys to keep everyone occupied to the list of things they can’t go on a car journey without.

It’s clear then that the average motorist needs enough room in their car for all of life’s necessities.  So with the latest Vauxhall Mokka model available from Now Vauxhall you can be prepared for every eventuality with a 356-litre boot.

And while you’re busy dealing with life’s challenges, the Vauxhall Mokka will ensure that everything else runs smoothly with its well thought through features such as Adaptive Forward Lighting AFL+, ergonomic seats and Navigation IntelliLink voice-control infotainment system, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Jon Taylor, Managing Director at Now Vauxhall, explains: “The Vauxhall Mokka really is a vehicle for life’s daily needs. With comprehensive safety features, bags of room and optional extras to make life easier such as the Adaptive Forward Lighting System and All-wheel Drive Transmission, the Mokka is perfect for anyone who needs a vehicle that will assist them through whatever life throws at them.”

The Mokka is available in four trims: Exclusiv, Tech Line, SE and Limited Edition, with prices starting from £16,789 on-the-road.

For detailed information about the Vauxhall Mokka or any of the other models at Vauxhall, please contact your local Now Vauxhall or please visit www.nowvauxhall.co.uk.