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OnStar, the latest innovation in automotive information services, is being rolled out to local motorists by Now Vauxhall, with sites across London and Wiltshire, bringing technology, safety and security features to new Vauxhall owners who enrol in the service.

Available 24/7 and 365 days a year, OnStar Advisors are located at the OnStar service center in the UK. At the push of an SOS button, OnStar users can request assistance whenever they deem it necessary, for example, if they have had an accident. The OnStar buttons are located in the overhead center console or the rear-view mirror.

One model to feature OnStar was a Vauxhall ADAM, sold to motorist Lauren Ridge. For Lauren, the SOS button provided by OnStar offers peace of mind.

Lauren comments: “As I work night shifts, I know if I get into trouble, I have the reassurance of the SOS button and a real person I can to at the end of the line.  It’s a great feature and something I’ll use to its full advantage.”

In any vehicle with OnStar, if an airbag deploys, OnStar is alerted automatically and an advisor will then contact the vehicle to determine whether help is required. If there is no response, emergency services are immediately sent to the car.

Jon Taylor, Managing Director at Now Vauxhall, comments: “With OnStar, Vauxhall is bringing the latest connectivity and technology to a wider audience. Vauxhall OnStar makes driving safer as well as offers new innovations around infotainment and telematics. And best of all, the system will be free to customers for the first year of ownership.”

OnStar transforms the car into a WiFi hotspot, capable of running up to seven devices at once and supporting the MyVauxhall app. The MyVauxhall app remotely connects motorists to their vehicle, enabling them to not only contact OnStar from anywhere but also access important vehicle data such as oil life and tyre pressure and even remotely locks or unlocks the car on selected vehicles.

For more information about any of the models at Vauxhall, please contact your local Now Vauxhall at www.nowvauxhall.co.uk. For a detailed description on OnStar please visit: http://www.vauxhall.co.uk/onstar.