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New Insignia now available at Now Vauxhall

New Insignia now available at Now Vauxhall
All New Vauxhall Insignia now available to test drive at Now Vauxhall Hayes, Heathrow, Kingston, Marlborough, Richmond, Staples Corner, Swindon and West Byfleet.

They say you can’t have it all, but it seems Vauxhall retailer, Now Vauxhall, is challenging that

perception with the arrival of the all-new Vauxhall Insignia in its showroom.


With the working world becoming more fluid and commuters travelling further than ever before,

comfort and fuel efficiency are high on the agenda for those in the market for a new car. With a

larger cabin, lighter body weight and class-leading aerodynamics, the New Insignia means that

drivers no longer need to compromise. In fact the Insignia goes one step further to deliver a

spectacular car, which is packed with features and tech that will bring a touch of brilliance to the

daily commute.


A growing number of motorists now spend in excess of two hours a day commuting to and from the

office 1 making the car increasingly more a home away from home. Addressing this growing trend

and need for some home comforts, the New Insignia offers a considerably larger cabin than its

predecessor as well as ergonomic seats. However, the Insignia doesn’t just focus on comfort from a

practical sense as it also offers a wealth of tech at the touch of a button.


A Bose sound system, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay and head-up display are just some of

the features found in the New Insignia, which mean motorists no longer need to sacrifice style for

spec. The Insignia heralds a new generation of car design, which sees technology successfully

teamed with economic efficiency and comfort to create a true all-round car.


Jason Smith, Sales Director at Now Vauxhall, comments: “The New Insignia is an extremely exciting

addition to the Vauxhall family. It is vastly different to the outgoing model and is a massive step

change for Vauxhall. We all have a wish list of what we want in a new car, with 60% of us looking for

something that is more fuel efficient 2 but often we sacrifice that in the name of style. However, the

New Insignia means that we no longer need to compromise on what we want as it really does have it

all, and then some; all designed to make life brilliant.


“It’s bursting with high tech features making it more than just a car. From the entertainment

system to the head-up display, it’s a dynamic car, which will show the daily commute in a whole new

light. In fact facilities such as OnStar, a personal connectivity and service assistant with personal

advisor on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, turn the car into your very own PA and allows you to

get even more out of your drive. You can access OnStar through the push of a button via the

smartphone app or direct call.  All drivers can benefit from automatic crash response, stolen vehicle

assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to OnStar. You can even use it to book a

hotel room or find a parking location 3.


“So, we would encourage anyone in the market for a new car to come and test drive the New

Insignia and experience its brilliance for themselves.”

The New Insignia is in Now Vauxhall’s showrooms and is available from just £269 per month. Terms

and conditions apply. 4 For more information on the Insignia and offers available, please visit your

nearest Now Vauxhall retailer. Alternatively, please call 020 8102 9200.


4 Personal contract hire offer on New Insignia Grand Sport SRi 1.5 (165PS) Turbo including free of

charge metallic paint on orders received by 3 July 2017, subject to availability and status. Age 18+

only. Figures based on a non-maintenance contract hire package with advance rental of £3,228, then

35 monthly rentals of £269. Excess miles over contracted mileage of 24,000 over 36 months charged

at 14 pence per mile. Excess charges also apply if you breach manufacturer servicing or maintenance

guidelines or if the car exceeds BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines for its age/mileage when it is

returned to Vauxhall Leasing. Package includes road fund licence and Vauxhall Assistance.


Guarantee/indemnity may be required. Prices and details are subject to change without notice. For

full specification and T&Cs contact your local retailer. You will not own the car. ALD Automotive

Ltd., trading as Vauxhall Leasing, BS16 7LB.

1 Office for National Statistics

2 Auto Trader Market Report, September 2016

3 OnStar Services require activation and account with OnStar Europe Ltd. Wi-Fi Hotspot Services

require account with nominated network operator. Charges apply after expiry of applicable trial

periods. All services subject to mobile network coverage and availability. Depending on the trim

level, Vauxhall OnStar equipment is standard or optional and subject to a fee. Some elements of

Smartphone App may not be available for all cars/trim levels. Destination Download may not be

available for all cars/trim levels. An embedded Opel navigation unit and map data are requirements

for this service. Check www.vauxhall.co.uk/onstar for service limitations and charges.