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Motability Benefits

The Motability Scheme is the simple way for disabled motorists to fund a lease on a brand new car, and here at Now Vauxhall, we are pleased to offer the service alongside a superb selection of cars.

Through the scheme, eligible motorists use their government mobility allowance to pay for a lease which can be tailored to their individual circumstances. They receive a brand new Vauxhall model every three years, as well as many other benefits such as insurance, servicing, road tax, and replacement tyre costs.

All of these features are enjoyed no matter which model is selected, and there's a great line-up to choose from. It includes the ADAM city car, mutli award winning New-Astra and Zafira tourer MPV, so there's a vehicle for most needs. To make motoring safer and more comfortable, we can also arrange modifications to any car, which can be performed at no extra cost.

Applying for the scheme is straightforward, and we employ a dedicated Motability specialist to assist with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled a list of the most popular questions our Motability Advisors get asked and have provided the answers below, but if you have any questions that have not been answered here please call your local Now Vauxhall dealership or use the enquiry form below.

What is included? A new Vauxhall car every 3 years, comprehensive insurance, RAC breakdown cover, replacement tyres, replacement windows and windscreens, servicing & maintenance and a 60,000 mile allowance over three years.

How much money do Motability take? You simply exchange all (or part of) one the following benefits that you are eligible for:

The Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
The Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement
Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
This does not affect other benefits you may receive. You can also pay an Advance Payment if you want a very high specification car, though there is a great selection of cars available with £0 Advance Payment.

Are there many forms to complete? There is no paperwork at all – no forms to fill in, no assessments or credit checks to go through. It’s all done by us.

Will anyone at the dealership check my physical condition? No. There are no assessments of any kind. Provided you have at least 12 months left to run on the Higher Rate / Enhanced Rate, you are eligible.

Is there a waiting list? No. Once you have chosen your Vauxhall we will be able to tell how long the process will take until your new car is delivered.

Do I have to be a driver? No. You don’t have to drive to take out a car on the Scheme – you can nominate up to two drivers.

What if I need my car adapted? A wide range of car adaptations are available, many at no extra cost. If you’d like more information, please call us and ask for our free guide to adaptations, ‘Make it Yours’.

I have a good no claims history, can I carry this forward if I left the Car Scheme in the future? The scheme insurers are able to provide confirmation of the claims history on the policy should you ever leave the Motability scheme.

Will you fully understand my needs? At Now all our Motability Advisors go through special training to make sure they fully understand the needs of people with a disability.

Can I have a test drive first? It’s very important that you do test drive the car before you decide, in fact you’re free to try as many as you wish to make sure you make the right decision for you.

What can I use the car for? The car is for the benefit of the disabled customer, whether they are in the car or not. This includes getting to and from work and in some cases for business use. However it should not be used as a taxi or delivery vehicle.

What if my circumstances change over the next three years? Depending on the circumstances, Motability look at each case individually, and will do their best to accommodate your new requirements.

I have chosen the car I want, what should I do next? Once you’ve chosen the Vauxhall that suits you best you’ll need to place an order. You’ll need to take just three things to the dealership: your driving license (and/or the licenses of your nominated drivers), your letter of award entitlement and proof of your address (such as a recent utility bill). We will take care of everything else.

What happens at the end of 3 years? It’s a simple and hassle free process – you just hand the car back to the same Now dealership you collected your new car from– it really is that easy!

Who runs the Scheme? Motability Operations runs the scheme on behalf of Motability, a national charity that has supplied over 2 million cars since the Scheme started.

Do You, Or Does A Family Member Receive The Higher Rate Mobility Allowance?
Or the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment? If so, did you know you qualify for the following Motability benefits;

Choose a brand new Vauxhall car from Now Vauxhall every 3 Years
Comprehensive insurance for 3 years
Annual road tax for 3 years
Annual servicing, maintenance, repairs and replacement tyres also included for 3 years
Full breakdown cover provided by the RAC for 3 years
Adaptions and wheelchair accessible vehicles
You can even drive away a new Vauxhall without paying a penny with our great £0* Advance Payment deals

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